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  • Diagnosed with MBC! November 30, 2023
    10 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy, chemo, a mastectomy, radiation and reconstruction. In April of this year I was diagnosed with MBC. I am on Kisqali. After initial side effects, I have adjusted to the meds and have been asymptomatic. Physically I am doing okay. Emotionally I am […]
  • Radiation after masectomy November 29, 2023
    I was diagnosed 8/2023 with 1b stage breast cancer. tumor 2.1 cm now reduced after 5 rounds of chemo to 1.8cm. Had 3 lymph nodes with cancer, after ultrasound now appear normal. Before chemo there was something working in left breast but biopsy was not performed but now gone after chemo. I am estrogen positive, […]
  • Everolimus November 29, 2023
    Has anyone been on everolimus? Doctor might switch to this from verzenio.
  • Timeline between diagnosis and surgery?? November 29, 2023
    Hello — I was diagnosed with ILC in right breast on September 22nd of this year, it is ER/PR+, HER2-, no BRCA, primary lesion at 1.8. I'm curious about the recommended timeline between diagnosis and surgery. I had a follow up MRI which showed additional lesions and am now scheduled for an MRI Biopsy at […]
  • Waiting for biopsy/ultrasound for left breast November 29, 2023
    Hi, I just got back from the doctor and I had a follow-up mammogram/ultrasound. The doctor said they found a suspicious spot on my left breast and now I have to wait 19 days for a follow-up biopsy/ultrasound. I am very scared and nervous and looking for support.
  • Radial Scar - Observe or Take Out? November 28, 2023
    I'm recently diagnosed with a benign radial scar. First seen on a screening mammogram as an area of "focal distortion." Called back for diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. It persisted on the diagnostic mammogram as architectural distortion and a 0.7cm irregular mass was found on the ultrasound. The radiologist came in and told me I needed […]
  • Sclerosing adenosis November 26, 2023
    Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice. I'm an American who lives in Mexico. In may I went for a 3d mammogram and they found suspicious lumps in both breasts and did 2 immediate core biopsies. Thankfully 1 came back as good and the other side they said had schlerosing adenosis which is benign. The […]
  • Treating Faslodex-related acne November 25, 2023
    The newest insult to injury, my face looks like a sullen 16 year old. Has anyone dealt with acne following your Faslodex injection?
  • After-surgery Pain/In search of revision options November 8, 2023
    Hi. I am am a two-time DCIS survivor, once in 2009, and once in 2019, in the other breast. I went w/ Reconstruction in 2009, which did not go well, so I had the implant swapped out in 2011, for a different kind. That one hurt, but I just lived with it. It stretched my […]
  • Reconstruction ‘PLANE CHANGE’ from under muscle to over muscle October 30, 2023
    In 2015 I was diagnosed and had double mastectomy with reconstruction. At that time they recommended subpectoral (under muscle) implants as. Over the years the animation deformity when I flex has been annoying and uncomfortable. I am an active person a feel it every day. One side has started to droop noticeably and I am […]
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