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  • Just diagnosed with ILC mets May 21, 2024
    Hi, allI had ILC back in 2008. Had radical mastectomy on the right breast and prophylactic on the left. Chemo AC→T, radiation and 7 years of Arimidex. 16 years later I am back in the game. Still in discovery phase. Had FDG Pet Scan that shows liver uptake, had endoscopy that shows little spot in […]
  • Mildly enlarged axillary lymph nodes cortical thickening 4mm May 20, 2024
    I recently had my first screening mammogram in Feb and was called back due to an assymetry for diagnostic and possible ultrasound and couldn't get back in until May. During the second one, some lymph nodes were found. I've been asked to come back in 3 months and 6 months. I've been going down the […]
  • I just had THE call May 20, 2024
    I knew what my doctor was going to tell me. So I was not surprised when she basically confirmed the worst.Cancer took my mom - ovarian. My sister is currently in treatment - fallopian. I ignored my breast lump for a year.My husband made me go have it checked up. I was ordered to have […]
  • Where was your fat grafted from? May 20, 2024
    I'm having fat grafting done next week. I had fat grafting done about a year ago, and they used my upper abdomen and flanks as donor sites. Since then I've had a DIEP, so that took care of my lower abdomen. Where else can they take fat from on this next surgery? I'm thinking maybe […]
  • Do pet scans detect chest wall recurrence May 20, 2024
    I know pet scans aren’t super accurate for cancer recurrence in breast tissue. But are they as good or better than an oncologist manually examining a breast after mastectomy?
  • Biopsy or not May 20, 2024
    Supposed to schedule one. But worried about it making it spread. They are concerned it could be cancerous. But my lymph nodes look fine. Why not just take it out then send it off for testing? Also my breasts are also very dense. Should I look for a doc to just take it out? Or […]
  • Newly Diagnosed May 18, 2024
    Hi All,I'm 56 and newly diagnosed with breast cancer. It still feels weird to say "I have breast cancer". I have appointments next week with a surgeon and Oncologist. I'm doing my research trying to understand the information. I'm trying to mentally get prepared for the road ahead. The hardest part for me so far, […]
  • Breast MRI Results May 16, 2024
    My doctor recommended that I start receiving Breast MRI exams due to my lifetime risk %, as my mother had a breast cancer diagnosis at 49 years old. She is still a survivor 18 years later. I just turned 43 years old, and consider myself relatively healthy. I had an abnormal mammogram two years ago, […]
  • Upcoming biopsy for "subareolar mass" 1 year after mastectomy for extensive DCIS May 15, 2024
    I am trying not to get too panicky yet, and I'm more annoyed than scared at this point. I was diagnosed with DCIS in January 2023 after many years of monitoring and multiple biopsies that showed benign papillomas. I then found out I was CHEK2 positive and stepped up the monitoring with annual MRIs. I […]
  • Starting Chemo May and June 2024 Support Thread May 3, 2024
    Gather here to support one another, ask questions, and share experiences. We're all here for you. What is the type of chemo and regimen you'll be doing? When do you start? Share your thoughts and get support!
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